We specialize in residential driveways, parking lots, bike trails, road and highway patching, and tennis courts.


If you currently have an existing asphalt driveway that is in rough shape, we may recommend one of either an Overlay or a Removal and Replacement of your existing driveway. When an Overlay is recommended you generally have minor cracking and/or minor holes to fix.
An OVERLAY would be to clean the existing asphalt, and pave with 2" of compacted asphalt over the entact existing, in this case no permits are needed.
A complete removal and replacement is recommended when your driveway is beyond salvageable. This would require a county permit, either Placer or El Dorado. We pull Placer Permits and pay their $60 fee, drawing the map on your behalf, and simply ask that you just reimburse us the expense upon completion of the job.
The details of a REMOVAL & REPLACEMENT consist of removing the existing asphalt or concrete area, regrading for proper drainage. Base rock is rolled and compacted, and approximately 3" of compacted asphalt is put in place.
We can generally complete a standard driveway either Overlay or Removal and Repaving in a days time.


No need to worry, but in the Tahoe Basin your are considered TRPA non-compliant. The TRPA requires all properties to acquire a BMP certificate and part of the compliance is a driveway. We can assist you in getting your permits in Placer County and work with BMP Tahoe to get your permits in El Dorado county for a small fee. Once your permit is awarded, we can install a new driveway as per plans. Generally, this would require grading of the existing, maybe some haul-off of dirt, new base rock(rolled and compacted), and new asphalt varying in depth.


It's recommended to stay off your driveway for at least 3 solid days after install to allow the driveway to cure. Keep all trailers, yard furniture, high heels, and all vehicles off the driveway in the curing time. You may choose to water down your driveway on hot days to expedite the curing process. Wait until the following year to seal your driveway and then follow it up with every 3-5 years of sealing for the future. Sealing your driveway too often can cause the sealant to peel off and make a mess. The whole idea of sealing your driveway is to keep the water from penetrating the asphalt, breaking it apart, and forming cracks in the long run.


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